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Sap excel issues

Oct 15, Symptom. 1. List object is too large to be exported 2. key figures value with " ZERO" are formatted as TEXT calculation not possible 3. Wrong exception color when exported 4. JavaScript during drag & drop after export to Excel 5. Export to Excel results in blank windows opening up 6. portal. Oct 15, 1. Text Box in page header is not showing up after exporting to excel. This textbox have color filled and field headers in it. I added the textbox after creating the report field headers Lines are also not showing up after exporting to Excel. I have. Jul 18, At times, it occurs with the issue of data import into Excel from standard/bespoke report while clicking the standard Excel button on the application toolbar.

" Hello! I hope that somebody can help me In the company I work recently we have been installed a new version of SAP, this new version contains in certain reports an icon to export the data to spreadsheet, (for example fixed asset reports ) this function should be able to display inside SAP an excel view with the related . "Hi Our users are using citirx to log into excel and they are complaining that for certain reprots, they click on the excel option and they get a black screen. They do not want to download the reports into excel, view it in SAP itself. Any body have any idea why this is happening and how to fix this issue. We are using ECC Aug 5, I am end user of SAP I want to export data from SAP to Excel. But by mistake, I have selected always export in selected format so now whenever I tried to export data, it will directly export to selected format and not asking me to which format I want to export data. Can any one help me to deselect that option.

Problem Exporting Spreadsheet from SAP to Excel - Hello, I searched the posts for similar problems and I cannot find anything that answers my problem. Whenever I export from SAP to spreadsheet. I was going thru my old unanswered questions and found this one. I think I solved this by using a staging table in Access to store the data and then later importing into Excel from that staging table. Dear users, I'm facing with issue when I export data from SAP to Excel. The problem is that Excel transform 02E to 2,E+ Is there any formula or.


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