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Manual Tv Led Noblex 24

Cámara de fotos. Videocámara. Computadora. 5 Encendido y apagado. Encendido, en espera o apagado. Botones del televisor. Temporizador. Temporizador de apagado. 6 Control remoto. Descripción de los botones. Teclado. Sensor de IR. JVC LTDR Chassis 8M19B 24E20 24E21 Philco PLDFT, Sanyo LCE24XF9T, NOBLEX 24LDFT NOBLEX 24LCH. Diagramas, Manual Servicio. NOBLEX 24LCH. NOBLEX 24LCF Hisense LCD24V88APAM Chassis MST6E16JS NOBLEX 24LDFT LED. Haier LED HDTV. Universal Remote Control. The remote control cannot be operated unless the batteries are properly loaded. When using the remote control , aim it at the remote sensor on the TV. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Function introduction. 1 Power. 2 TV DVD.

TV Panel technology (LCD / PDP) LCD/LED Market Position (High/Mid/Access.. 23 series) K06/E60 Product Nb - Chassis solution MSD Chassis name 8M19B N) Audio Standard (B/G/H/D/K/K'/I/L/L') M. i/p) Up to X 60Hz Up to P 24/50/60HZ HDMI capability (AV/PC Format) Compatible video format. When using the options, follow the option's assembly manual to fix cables. Push until it clicks. To fix. Press catch in and pull away. To release. Back of the TV Switches TV to On or Standby. Viewing from SD Card (p. ). The equipment selection button (p. 24). Changes the input mode (p. 24). Displays Sub Menu (p. 12無 USB port — To access photo or music files. TV front and side panel controls and connections. Model 40GU is used in this manual for illustration purposes. 1. 2. 3. 7. 8. 9. 4. 5. 6. 1無 Green LED and TOSHIBA Logo LED. Power LED(Green) = Power indicator. TOSHIBA Logo LED= On or Off ( page 30).

23 May Model #. 32"̚46". Country(West Eu./East Eu./Russia/AP/US/S.A./Japan/ ) Brazil & Argentina. Brand. Skyworth/ODM. Category (Monitor/TV/Combo/Portable TV) TV. Panel technology (LCD / PDP). LCD/LED. Market Position (High/Mid/ Access,,,). Class. Cabinet Design (Example: 01,23 series). K06/E Page 20 of a12e 4k iptv set top box users manual user manual shenzhen skyworth digital. Skyworth p p52ttn 00 p52ttn lcd tv psu sch service. Noblex 32lcht skyworth chassis 8m29b lcd tv sm service manual 1st page. Skyworth 24 inch led tv unboxing review, sort of. Even receiver can also handle a the. Key Charts. Use SETUP for all programming sequences. Press POWER once to turn on or off a home entertainment device. Press AUD,VCR,TV, or CBL once to select a home entertainment device to control. Each device key has an embedded LED (red light) that blinks upon selection and indicates that the remote control is.


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