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Inspired by this post on the blog I decided to ease up the exclusion of directories from the gallery/media database. Gallery Excluder does the job for me.. 6 May Keep Those Pesky Data Folders Out of the Gallery with Gallery Excluder for Android. Open up your Gallery app on your Android device. Go ahead; I dare you . Notice a bunch of clutter in there from things you don't want showing up? If you' ve got a little bit of Android acumen, you are cognisant of the fact that. 5 Jun Many apps create folders on the sd-card and drop their stuff there. Often, they place images as well. Now that Android checks the sd-card for new media from time to time, these folders will be added to the media database and displayed in the stock Gallery app. Here's how: Gallery Excluder lists all direct.

7 May Most of you would be annoyed with unwanted and unnecessary images that are eating up space in your phone's gallery. To solve that a user from XDA Forums named knox has developed an app called Gallery Excluder. And like the name suggests, it does the vital job of removing unwanted images or. 8 May Android stock gallery is no doubt neat and out of ordinary. It gives us the required experience similar that of Cooliris. But at times, it is required that pictures or folders shouldn't show up in the gallery it self. Finally, a developer at XDA has developed an app, which makes it easier for users to exclude pictures. 7 May XDA user, knox, has created a nifty app called Gallery Excluder. I think everyone has the problem with their gallery in that unwanted images show up from other apps that are installed. Gallery Excluder allows you to check off any folders that you do not want to show up in your gallery. It is a very simple.

Download Gallery Excluder (Android) For Free on e certain folders from the Gallery App. Re-index the Gallery App at will. >>Now works on Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It's a workaround to. 29 May are added to the media database and there are displayed in the stock gallery. Gallery Excluder is a dedicated Android application (you can download this app from googleplay) which removes the folders that you want to exclude. its showing in the default Android stock. Gallery Excluder will list all the direct. 24 Apr Gallery Excluder is a dedicated Android application which removes the folders that you want to exclude its showing in the default Android stock version. This application is quite simple and does the job what it says with the application name. So if you have folders which you don't wants to show it on your.


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