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Paradox Forum location, ? August-Storm-Project. Current version, Last update, April, Compatibility, HoI3, SF, FtM. Mod team. AAR archives. 20 Nov You've probably already surmised this but the Kwantung Army in Manchuria in HOI3 is nothing like the Kwantung Army that really existed there when August Storm hit. IRL, the Kwantung Army was pitifully undersupplied, understaffed, lacked new equipment and all of their good leaders, soldiers, and. 20 Apr Numa Takeda · View Profile View Posts. Apr 20, @ am. MP HOI3 TFH - August Storm Mod - CGM(No Rules) AAR. Here is a link to our sandbox HOI3 TFH MP game. ? MP-HOI3-TFH-August-Storm-CGM-(No-Rules).

16 Jun Steam Workshop: Hearts of Iron IV. GLOBAL HOI IV OVERHAUL (AI, Gameplay, Historical Plausibility, Realism, Expanded Timeline) August Storm See the description in the first stickied "discussion". 19 Dec Historical Enhancements GAGA Mod - Beta - GAGA Extrem GEM - The Gameplay Enhancement Mod - - ShiBDiB, The Community Hearts of Iron 3: August Storm - - Jackda, Dermeister League of Nations Mod - - VetMax. Mirehn's Manchurian Mod - - Mirehn Politika MOD - -. 28 Nis The creators of Jackdermod are pleased to announce Hearts of Iron 3: August Storm. August Storm extends the timeline and adds features & events, all while enhancing game-balance and the diplomatic AI Hearts of Iron 3: August Storm will be released in Q2 Full compatibility with the HOI3: Semper.

Just wrapping up a challenging game as France, and want to try something with different borders and preferably a good backstory. Are there any alt.


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